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Specialist Armed Forces Cover

Specialist Armed Forces Cover

As a member of the Armed Forces, you have death in service of 4x salary, free personal accident in the form of the AFCS (Armed Forces Compensation Scheme) and free income protection. So, if you are bedded down your salary will continue to be paid until you come back to work.

However, have you ever asked yourself if the level of cover is adequate for you and your family and what cover you will have (none) when you leave the armed forces?

Your death in service would stop. Your free income protection would stop. So you’d need separate policies for these two products. You’d also have no serious illness or critical illness cover.

If you were unfortunate enough to be PAP 10 Military Discharged, your Death in Service would cease with immediate effect.

Trying to get cover, such as life insurance, critical illness or personal accident, will be considerably more expensive when you complete full service and you are in your 40’s or 50’s so it is will worth considering now and enjoying lower premiums for the life of your cover, whilst having the peace of mind of increased levels of protection for you and your dependents.

Personal liabilities such as mortgages, loans, debt and children are all prepared for, plus any ill health or personal accidents are allowed for.

We also can provide Kit Insurance.

The InsureLife Group will also assist you with a free will writing service from professionals, to ensure you have a robust will in place.

Our team have been attending and delivering briefs in Army, RAF and Navy bases for several years all over the UK – offering tailored policies for members of the Armed Forces.

We also have several ex-services personnel as part of our team, so we know your challenges and requirements very well indeed and speak your language.