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Income Protection – starting from £3 per month*

Peace of mind if you’re unable to work because of an accident or ill health. Over 1 million are in this position in the UK, its a lot more common than you think.

Taking out Income Protection Insurance means you’ll be paid a monthly, tax-free income if you are signed off by your doctor as being unable to work due to illness or injury.

Income Protection Insurance ensures you receive a monthly income for as long as you need to recover so even if you have to be off work for a prolonged period, you can protect your finances.

*quote depending on personal circumstances

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    Some things to consider:

    Each year one million people in the UK find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury (ABI 2017).

    It pays part of your income if you are unable to work because you are ill or injured.

    It pays out until you start working again.

    There is often a waiting period before payments start.

    Income protection It ensures you continue to receive a regular income until you retire or are able to return to work.

    You may not need income protection if you have enough savings, or financial support from a partner or family.

    It covers most illnesses that leave you unable to work.

    You can claim as many times as you need to, while the policy lasts.